Declaration of Principles

At RESAAS, we take our principles seriously.

Our customers are valued to the utmost extent, and each one deserves a strong commitment from us to ensure their best interest in our service.

So just as Orwell’s famous fictional character, Charles Foster Kane, wrote a “Declaration of Principles” on the front page of his newly acquired newspaper, The New York Inquirer, so do we.

Henceforth, we would like to declare:

1. “That RESAAS will never allow advertising from a competing agent or property to appear on another agent’s profile page.”

Your content and listings will not be displayed next to competing agents or listings. Promotion of your listings will be controlled by you.

2. “That RESAAS will always prohibit – and will use security measures to deter – third party scraping of an agent’s content.”

Content in the form of listings, photos, status updates, etc. is released under your complete control.

3. “That RESAAS will always stay true to its mantra that our service is all about the real estate professional, to empower the professional, to connect the professional, and to bring forth the professional’s content and knowledge to consumers.”

In other words, to help professional knowledge meet consumer needs like never before.