RESAAS Partners with Home Network Foundation to Reward RESAAS Agents

RESAAS Partners with Home Network Foundation to Reward RESAAS Agents

  • On June 3, 2021

Integration of Blockchain Technology Broadens Value Distribution across Real Estate Industry

VANCOUVER, BC (June 3, 2021) – RESAAS Services Inc. (TSX-V: RSS, OTCQB: RSASF), (“RESAAS” or the “Company”), a technology platform for the real estate industry, announced today a strategic partnership with the Home Network Foundation to launch a cryptocurrency integration within the RESAAS platform.

The Home Network Foundation has developed the HOME Protocol ecosystem, enabling real estate agents and their customers to earn HOME Tokens, a cryptographic digital asset, as they engage with the platform.

Real estate agents earn an initial allocation of HOME Tokens by registering with the Home Network Foundation. Additional HOME Tokens can be earned for their continued participation in the real estate industry, through actions such as posting listings and conducting referral business.

RESAAS has over 450,000 Agents located in the United States eligible to claim HOME Tokens. Agents subscribed to RESAAS Premium or RESAAS Ultimate may earn additional HOME Tokens, bringing exceptional value to RESAAS’ two paid-for tiers.

“RESAAS has established itself as a true platform at the cutting edge of the real estate industry, by facilitating the sharing of unique real estate data to licensed agents from any brokerage,” said Tom Rossiter, CEO of RESAAS. “This partnership signifies a milestone in RESAAS’ plan to bring tokenization to the real estate industry. We believe that blockchain technology will fundamentally change the way real estate transactions and interactions occur. The Home Network Foundation has approached this framework in a way that benefits the overall industry and its participants. This partnership further enhances RESAAS’ value proposition to our vast network of real estate professionals.”

The Home Network Foundation will begin the distribution of HOME Tokens over the Ethereum blockchain protocol during its upcoming launch. The Home Network Foundation has released a white paper with additional information surrounding use cases on its website

The agreement between RESAAS and the Home Network Foundation was executed on June 2, 2021. RESAAS receives 1,000,000 HOME Tokens for execution of this agreement, with up to an additional 9,000,000 HOME Tokens as RESAAS Agents register to receive HOME Tokens themselves. As part of this agreement, 75,000,000 HOME Tokens are available to be claimed by RESAAS Agents.

RESAAS is working with one of its existing strategic partners, Blimp Homes, to facilitate the distribution of Tokens to RESAAS Agents. Once claimed by RESAAS Agents, the Home Network Foundation will deposit HOME Tokens into a digital crypto wallet provided to RESAAS Agents by Blimp Homes.