RESAAS Announces Launch of Nationwide Pre-Market Listing Platform

RESAAS Announces Launch of Nationwide Pre-Market Listing Platform

  • On October 11, 2019

RESAAS Services Inc. (TSX-V: RSS, OTCQB: RSASF), a cloud-based technology platform for the real estate industry, is pleased to announce its launch of a nationwide pre-market listing solution.

This brings visibility to listings that are available for sale, but not yet listed in an MLS, to real estate agent members of RESAAS across the globe.

RESAAS was created to allow licensed real estate agents to share information with their peer group in a secure, transparent and fair environment. This is one of the hallmarks that has attracted almost half a million agents to depend on RESAAS to stay connected for new business opportunities.

One of the most popular uses of RESAAS by agents across the United States is sharing news of their newly-signed listings with other members of the platform. RESAAS has been used for this purpose in most major markets for many years where listings are typically added to RESAAS several days before they are added to a MLS.

In real estate, the most valuable information is accurate listing data. RESAAS has proven to capture significant amounts of listing information, directly from the agents themselves, days or weeks before it would appear on other real estate search portals.

Pre-market does not mean off-market. There is a difference. Pre-marketing is a phase during the start of every new listing, where the agent will start to share news of their upcoming listing with others whilst the property gets ready to go on the market. This typically is when the agent will arrange staging, photography, video tours and floorplans. Once these are all taken care of, the agent will typically list the property in their local MLS, which in turn, shares the listing with most major real estate search portals.

Conversely, an off-market listing is when a home will not be added to the MLS, for a variety of reasons. This is normally at the sellers’ discretion, and often for privacy reasons or at the ultra-luxury end of the market where there is a smaller pool of buyers.

Real estate agents already use RESAAS for both pre-market and off-market listings; this particular new solution is aimed at the pre-market phase. RESAAS’ role here is to enable all agents with visibility into inventory that is coming soon. This makes the industry more transparent, and is compliant with rules and regulations provided by local real estate regulators.

Several progressive local real estate associations adopted and registered their entire membership with RESAAS, using two solutions the Company already offers, RealTimeMLS™ and AgentFirst. These are specifically designed for real estate associations and boards to provide all their members with a way to share, discover and transact listings before they officially go “on the market” upon being added to their MLS.

“Moving the real estate industry forward happens when you have a clear understanding of the past and a passion for innovating into the future,” said Tom Rossiter, CEO of RESAAS. “RESAAS is committed to helping licensed real estate agents work with each other to gain better visibility into their markets. This is done by connecting agents, and by allowing them to share unique real estate data in real-time amongst their entire profession.”

All 465,000 subscribers to RESAAS’ award-winning real estate technology platform are eligible to use this new nationwide pre-market solution.