President’s Letter to RESAAS Shareholders

President’s Letter to RESAAS Shareholders

  • On April 30, 2019

VANCOUVER, B.C. (April 30, 2019) – RESAAS Services Inc. (TSX-V: RSS, OTCQB: RSASF) President and CEO, Tom Rossiter, is pleased to report highlights from our 2018 financials:

  • Increased revenue 39%, year-over-year from 2017
  • Decreased expenses 20%, year-over-year from 2017
  • Q4 2018 revenue increase of 104% compared with Q3 2018
  • Q4 2018 expense decrease of 62% compared with Q3 2018

Increased revenue combined with expense reductions have enabled Management to grow all key metrics of our Company, from member engagement to volume of the data collected.

As a custodian of vast amounts of unique real estate data, RESAAS continues to grow in our primary markets, and work with a variety of real estate organizations, real estate regulators and global real estate franchises. We expect to share further successes with our Shareholders over the weeks and months ahead.

With over 460,000 real estate agents registered, ever increasing amounts of pre-market listing data and referral patterns, RESAAS has monetized new revenue channels.

Firstly AdSAAS™, our recently announced new Advertising Division. AdSAAS™ allows select brands to present opportunities to targeted audiences of real estate agents within our Platform.

We also look forward to announcing new Partnerships and Alliances, which will further propel RESAAS in both industry reach and revenue.

The excitement created by “proptech”, which denotes technology companies working in the property and real estate space, has heightened interest in the unique position RESAAS has created. No other Company has succeeded in creating a true real estate Technology Platform, where competing real estate agents, a variety of real estate brands and real estate software vendors can interact, integrate and share deal flow.

RESAAS is in the right place at the right time to grow and flourish.

We look forward to meeting with existing and potential Shareholders, to share our proven growth metrics and accelerating fundamentals in 2019.