REALTY UNIVERSAL® Signs to Use RESAAS to Increase Member Referral Business

REALTY UNIVERSAL® Signs to Use RESAAS to Increase Member Referral Business

  • On July 11, 2018

RESAAS Services Inc., a cloud-based and blockchain technology platform for the real estate industry, is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc., a full-service network of 6,000 agents worldwide using Real Estate Menu Systems®.

The agreement, executed on July 2nd 2018, provides members of the REALTY UNIVERSAL® network access to an exclusive area within RESAAS, specifically for conducting referrals within the United States. In addition, it provides slightly discounted subscriptions for REALTY UNIVERSAL® agents to access Global Elite, RESAAS’ highest premium service. This is a further example of RESAAS growing its revenues this year, and delivering on its overall business plan of having major real estate transactions facilitated, tracked and settled through the RESAAS platform.

“On behalf of REALTY UNIVERSAL®, we are thrilled to forge a relationship with RESAAS and Global Elite,” said Nathalie Mullinix, President of REALTY UNIVERSAL®. “Our members span the breadth of the USA, including Hawaii. Providing them with content from Global Elite, and referral capabilities from RESAAS, will elevate our offering and enhance the amount of business our members conduct. We love using technology to enhance our existing value proposition!”

REALTY UNIVERSAL® is headquartered in Las Vegas, NV, and has offices in Hawaii and Maryland, and has grown from its inception in 1996 to become a leader in agent-to-agent referral facilitation.

“We are pleased to begin working with REALTY UNIVERSAL® as our newest client,” said Tom Rossiter, CEO of RESAAS. “From day one we have built RESAAS to help real estate agents conduct more business, especially through referrals. Our Global Elite offering enhances this for global referrals. The REALTY UNIVERSAL® team have built out an impressive network, and we look forward to welcoming their members and their referral business to our growing platform.”

Preferred access for REALTY UNIVERSAL® members is available now.