SolarCity Joins the RESAAS Marketplace

SolarCity Joins the RESAAS Marketplace

  • On May 4, 2016

RESAAS Services Inc. (CSE: RSS, OTCQX: RSASF), a cloud-based social business platform for the real estate services industry, announced today that SolarCity, America’s #1 full-service solar provider, will become the first solar energy provider to join the RESAAS Marketplace. The RESAAS Marketplace is a collection of leading products and services offered at an exclusive discount to all RESAAS users.

SolarCity makes solar power available to homeowners, businesses, schools, nonprofit and government organizations at a lower cost than they currently pay for utility power. The company takes care of everything from financing and installation to monitoring and maintenance to make the solar process easy for customers.

“SolarCity is excited to provide both real estate agents across all brokerages and homeowners with access to affordable solar power, made available within the RESAAS Marketplace,” said Brady Radovich, Sr. Director of Business Development at SolarCity. “By helping to educate the hundreds of thousands of agents on the RESAAS platform about the benefits of solar power, we hope to reach and inspire more homeowners and businesses to go solar and save money.”

Agents on RESAAS will have exclusive access to educational materials about solar power to help them inform their buyers, clarify solar misconceptions and better understand the solar process. In return for referring clients to SolarCity through the RESAAS Marketplace, agents will be eligible for a $250 USD referral fee. To learn more about the SolarCity referral fee available to RESAAS users, visit:

“We always want the RESAAS Marketplace to provide our users with every advantage possible to make them the best agents they can be,” said Brianna MacNeil, Head of Partnerships at RESAAS.  “By adding SolarCity to the Marketplace roster, solar energy is now a service our users can present to their clients, friends and fellow agents.”