Global Real Estate Coach Selects RESAAS Technology to Empower Members

Global Real Estate Coach Selects RESAAS Technology to Empower Members

  • On February 29, 2016

RESAAS Services Inc., a cloud-based social business platform for the real estate services industry, is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement to license its real estate technology network platform to the Global Marketing Agent® (GMA) and International Real Estate Specialist (I.R.E.S.) designations.

The Global Marketing Agent® is a certification course taken by agents looking to increase their international exposure and gain more referral business. It boasts thousands of clients, all focused on expanding their international portfolio of listings through networking with other member agents worldwide.

Similarly, the International Real Estate Specialist designation provides coaching, mentorship and training materials on creating an international footprint as a global agent. This certification program boasts more than 5,200 members.

“We are thrilled to be working with RESAAS. Together we will be able to offer RESAAS members, as well as our past I.R.E.S. members and current GMA members, a new “Global Elite” status, which will be the first of its kind in the world. Real estate agents will now have access to a cloud-based social business platform, exciting educational opportunities and the “live” support needed to help agents succeed both locally and globally,” said Olivier Mevellec, President & co-founder of Global Marketing Agent® (GMA).

Under the terms of this agreement, all GMA and I.R.E.S. clients will receive a new “Global Elite” status on the RESAAS network, providing them with exclusive access to training material, regular webinars, and most importantly, secured forms to properly conduct international referral business in accordance with GMA and I.R.E.S. guidelines.

“Our focus at RESAAS is to provide an arena for licensed real estate professionals to collaborate and generate more business,” said Tom Rossiter, President at RESAAS. “Our technology platform was built to enable large organizations to white-label our solution and provide enhanced networking benefit for their own members, agents or associates. Global Marketing Agent®, along with the I.R.E.S. designation, will now be able to provide best-in-class member tools for communication, ollaboration and coaching.”


Gary Senser
  • Mar 1 2016

Great news Olivier Mevellec! Nice work. This will make our GMA network even more powerful, further extending reach and awareness of our luxury properties to prospects around the world.

Brenda Kroll, GM
  • Mar 1 2016

Great connection Olivier! As an IRES and GMA agent you have always gone the extra mile for us. Now with this new connection with RESAAS you have once again taken us to the next level. The potential in this new relationship is immense and our agents thank you. You are always going above and beyond to help agents connect to more and more prospects all over the world, as well as locally, and reach more and more luxury connections.
Thanks for your hard work Olivier - it is appreciated!
Brenda M. Kroll, RE/MAX Premier, General Manager

  • Mar 1 2016

I loved the whole idea and joined IRES. Now it has evolved to a top rate company called GMA Global Marketing Agent.
This is the cutting edge group of Agents with great leadership. Become a Global Marketing Agent and lets keep on working together all over the Globe

Karin Comeaux
  • Mar 1 2016

I am so excited to for more opportunities in making our business better. Thank you Olivier for continuously improving our network. I am so glad to be apart of the GMA.

Elsy Camacho
  • Apr 4 2016

Olivier you are always going above and beyond to help agents around the world. I am very excited with this amazing opportunity! Thank you so much for allow me to be part of the GMA. Now the sky is the limit!