RESAAS Joins Forces with RE/MAX Network as Social Learning Platform Vendor

RESAAS Joins Forces with RE/MAX Network as Social Learning Platform Vendor

  • On July 13, 2015

RESAAS Services Inc., a cloud-based social business platform for the real estate services industry, is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with RE/MAX, LLC, the franchisor of the global RE/MAX network, to be its preferred Social Learning Platform vendor for the Global Development department.

Building on the existing relationship that RESAAS and RE/MAX previously announced in early 2014, where RESAAS provides a private referral network to the entire roster of RE/MAX agents, RESAAS will now deliver a file storage and sharing solution exclusively for RE/MAX agents across the globe. This new platform is the only multilingual-capable file share solution available for global real estate franchises.

Under the terms of the agreement, this platform will allow for various file types (PDFs, Word documents, videos, PowerPoint presentations, webinars, etc.) to be uploaded and available for download by RE/MAX agents only. Each piece of content can be organized by category names and labeled by tags that will be user-generated and defined by the original content publisher. The multilingual component is unique in its entirety, allowing RE/MAX agents to provide additional, translated versions of original content. To-date, RESAAS has translated its platform into 17 different languages in an effort to service the RE/MAX network’s global reach of nearly 100 countries. Although the referral network is available to all agents within the RE/MAX network, the Social Learning Platform will only be available for RE/MAX agents located outside of the US and Canada.

“RESAAS has been an incredible resource for RE/MAX, particularly in efforts to connect our far-reaching global network through technology,” said Larry Oberly, Vice President, Global Development of RE/MAX, LLC. “We’re thrilled to be able to offer users additional capabilities, like multi-lingual file-sharing, training and proprietary content through the new Social Learning Platform.”

Building on the functionality of the existing RESAAS Platform, private groups for Regional Managers and Broker Owners allow for private communication, file storage and sharing amongst these groups of individuals inside the Platform, making communication of franchise direction and strategy much simpler.

“We’ve seen RE/MAX take great strides forward in their technology offering to agents since beginning our relationship around this time last year,” said Tom Rossiter, President at RESAAS. “We all know agents are bombarded with offerings from different vendors, so to be able to consolidate RESAAS’ multi-lingual file-sharing component into the solution many RE/MAX agents receive will simplify their workflow.”

The agreement for the Social Learning Platform between RE/MAX and RESAAS is in place for 2015 and 2016, showing the commitment from both companies to provide RE/MAX agents with a beneficial and consistent experience. It also showcases the long-term strategy, providing agents with a fewer number of different vendors to have to visit to perform their everyday real estate tasks.