RESAAS Expands Localization of its Platform to Cater to Overseas Demand

RESAAS Expands Localization of its Platform to Cater to Overseas Demand

  • On June 23, 2014

RESAAS Services Inc., an Enterprise Social and Global Referral Network for Real Estate professionals, announced today the growing localization of its platform in multiple languages, multiple currencies, and multiple units.

With the dramatic growth and demand the RESAAS platform has received from a variety of large global organizations throughout 2014, RESAAS has built its own propriety translation website in order to allow for the platform to reach a truly global audience in a localized manner.

RESAAS’ Enterprise offering, already selected earlier in 2014 by RE/MAX LLC and released under the label of the RE/MAX Global Referral Network, provides agents within a single franchise to send and receive referrals in a self-serving manner. In addition to Enterprise-only offerings, the entire RESAAS user base have access to RESAAS’ referral engine, which allows agents to send and receive one-to-one referrals to any licensed real estate agent or REALTOR® who has an active account on RESAAS.

The announcement of RE/MAX LLC’s endorsement to provide their 95,000 agents worldwide with a Global Referral Network powered by RESAAS has further fueled adoption by agents from a variety of continents including Europe, South America, Asia, and Australasia.

RESAAS first translated its platform into Spanish this past March, and has since added French, Turkish and most recently Portuguese.

“We are thrilled to see the RESAAS Platform become even more global by being made available in Portuguese,” said Ernani Assis, Regional Director of RE/MAX Brasil. “Our 1,000 agents that make up RE/MAX Brasil will benefit from a localized interface to enhance RESAAS’ growing global referral network.”

RESAAS will be releasing another 20 languages during July and August 2014 according to a strategic regional rollout plan, including Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Czech, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Polish and Tagalog, Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Gurjarati, Hindi, Punjabi and Tamil.

Real Estate is a global business and agents are consistently looking for new ways to make connections, generates leads and engage in referrals with other agents from all over the world.

“RESAAS has expanded substantially throughout 2014, with adoption by major real estate brokerages, brands and associations,” said Tom Rossiter, President at RESAAS. “The emergence of RESAAS as a platform for the global real estate eco-system has been enhanced by providing a translated version of our network, prompting increasing growth from overseas and underscoring RESAAS as a true social and global referral network for real estate professionals the world over.”

For real estate agents to experience the true value of technology, they have must have access to technology in order to use it to their advantage. As the real estate industry continues to develop into a globalized marketplace, it is essential that online tools available to real estate professionals can bridge the gap between them. The introduction of additional languages to RESAAS will continue to turn the platform into a fully localized destination for real estate professionals across the globe, resulting in the ability to effectively accommodate the needs and demands of the industry today.