RESAAS Welcomes Planet Group Realty to The Real Estate Social Network™

RESAAS Welcomes Planet Group Realty to The Real Estate Social Network™

  • On May 20, 2014

RESAAS Services Inc., The Real Estate Social Network™, is pleased to welcome Planet Group Realty to the RESAAS Platform.

Based out of British Columbia, Canada, Planet Group Realty has offices in both Surrey and Abbotsford, aiming to become the largest real estate brokerage in the Fraser Valley. They offer professional services in residential and commercial real estate, property management, and over-seas investing. The team of agents at Planet Group Realty are in touch not only with the local real estate market, but also have their fingers on the pulse of the international real estate market.

“Planet Group Realty boasts all the latest technology so that our agents have all the help they need in order to find success,” said Herb Fischer, Managing Broker at Planet Group Realty. “This is why RESAAS will make such a great fit for our team. Our listings will suddenly have a significantly greater reach, our internal communication will be much more efficient, and future clients will discover us easier than ever before.”

When using RESAAS, each Planet Group Realty agent will be connected together in an exclusive firm feed, which will allow them to easily share activity across both offices, as well as with the growing network of real estate professionals around the world on RESAAS, in order to leverage the power of social networking.

“I know that Planet Group Realty will take full advantage of what RESAAS has to offer,” said Jason Hibbard, Sales Executive at RESAAS. “The online presence of their agents, brand, and inventory will increase exponentially with every action they take, while they will be able to establish a far-reaching referral network to help their international activity as well.”