RESAAS Welcomes Exquisite Real Estate, Inc. to The Real Estate Social Network™

RESAAS Welcomes Exquisite Real Estate, Inc. to The Real Estate Social Network™

  • On March 26, 2014

RESAAS Services Inc., The Real Estate Social Network™, is pleased to welcome Exquisite Real Estate, Inc. to the RESAAS Platform.

Founded in 2011, Exquisite Real Estate, Inc. is a fast-growing, California-based real estate brokerage with offices in Elk Grove, San Jose and Walnut Creek. They focus on hiring trusted, knowledgeable agents, each of whom take great pride in every transaction and treat their clients with an abundant amount of quality service.

“I am excited to bring our agents onto RESAAS,” said Vanessa Agiobene, Broker and CEO of Exquisite Real Estate, Inc. “With so many listing portals and social media networks out there, it’s hard to keep track, which is why RESAAS will be so useful to our agents. The ability to integrate other social networks, allowing for a centralized hub for all their real estate social media interactions, is especially exciting.”

When using RESAAS, each Exquisite Real Estate, Inc. agent will receive his or her own corporate-branded agent page, and will be connected together privately to leverage the power of social networking to easily share activity amongst their firm.

“I am very pleased to have Exquisite Real Estate, Inc. join RESAAS,” said Padraig Cullen, VP of Sales at RESAAS. “Each agent will be able to connect with other real estate professionals in their area and across the globe. This will enable them to build a meaningful referral network, as well as to gain insight into items such as new open houses, real estate conventions and market trends that they might not otherwise have known about.”