RESAAS Welcomes Urban Homes to The Real Estate Social Network™

RESAAS Welcomes Urban Homes to The Real Estate Social Network™

  • On October 11, 2013

RESAAS Services Inc., The Real Estate Social Network™, is pleased to welcome Urban Homes to the RESAAS Platform.

Based out of San Diego, Urban Homes Real Estate thrives on satisfying their customer base by working as a collaborative team to serve their residential real estate needs, while maintaining a strong focus on getting people not just what they need but what they really want. Urban Homes recognizes that technology is rapidly transforming how real estate is conducted and aims to be at the forefront in the new wave of tech-savvy real estate firms. They have redesigned themselves to incorporate technology into their people-focused business practices at every level of the process, allowing for faster and more effective ways to provide their services and keep in touch with clients every step of the way.

“RESAAS has provided the real estate community with a strong platform to share information within itself, which is a huge piece of the real estate marketing puzzle,” said Brian L. Lyons, Realtor and Marketing Director for Urban Homes Real Estate. “Getting information about new listings, open houses, and even service provider products in front of our peers is incredibly important to the success of our business. Our brokerage is embracing this new program and is excited about using this new tool to market our clients’ interests.”

When using RESAAS, each agent will receive his or her own corporate branded agent page, and will be connected together privately to leverage the power of social networking to easily share activity.