RESAAS Announces Microsoft Approval of the RESAAS Windows 8 Application

RESAAS Announces Microsoft Approval of the RESAAS Windows 8 Application

  • On August 9, 2012

Having Already Transitioned to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform and Windows 8 Development, RESAAS Continues Partnership with Microsoft.

RESAAS Services Inc, an enterprise platform for real estate professionals, mortgage specialists, home buyers and sellers, is pleased to announce its new Windows 8 application is now available in the Windows Store.

The RESAAS Windows 8 app allows anyone to ask real estate related questions to the growing number of certified real estate agents and mortgage specialists in the RESAAS community.

“Our focus to date has been solely on the real estate professional – giving these hard-working professionals tools to become more connected, easily share activity, and generate new leads,” says Tom Rossiter, Chief Technology Officer at RESAAS. “This app represents our first consumer-facing product release, and is strategically timed to coincide with the fall timeline of the Windows 8 general availability.”

The concept of RESAAS Questions is “reverse search”. Instead of spending hours scrolling around the Internet looking for stale information, ask a question and have a group of professionals respond promptly with accurate information and timely advice.

“Our engineering team has been trailblazing to get this app ready in advance of Windows 8 general release this fall,” Rossiter continues. “Metro apps are an emerging technology, so we’ve very much been paving the way with our approach.”

“Our brand new Windows 8 app will be a great consumer tool, which will allow for a full and rich communication experience between home buyers and sellers, and our continually growing community of dedicated real estate professionals. The Windows 8 app will be the launch point for our consumer component in our B to B to C model,” says RESAAS CEO, Cory Brandolini.

Microsoft is the gold standard in enterprise and RESAAS delivers the highest level of enterprise products and services. With the launch of the Windows 8 operating system RESAAS believes that Microsoft has built a bridge between the enterprise and desktop user experience, and the new RESAAS Windows 8 app fits perfectly into that experience.

“Just as in our transition to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform and our Windows 8 development we will continue to explore future opportunities with Microsoft,” Brandolini continues.

RESAAS is a Microsoft Gold Partner, working closely with strategic, business, and engineering teams at Microsoft to produce this app in time for the final preview version of Windows 8, known as Consumer Preview.

“We have many more features to add to this app over time, but we concentrated on a single piece of the RESAAS Platform that we felt would serve consumers well from day one,” said RESAAS’s Rossiter. “We all know the size of audience that the Windows platform serves, and this is an app that most users will benefit from.”

For people already using Windows 8 Consumer Preview, download the RESAAS App from: