RESAAS Announces Use of Continuous Deployment

RESAAS Announces Use of Continuous Deployment

  • On April 24, 2012

RESAAS Services Inc, an Enterprise Platform for Real Estate Professionals, Mortgage Specialists, Home Buyers and Sellers, is pleased to announce its use of Continuous Deployment by RESAAS’s Engineering department.

“Continuous Deployment gives us the ability to deliver valuable product updates rapidly to our users”, says Tom Rossiter, Chief Technology Officer at RESAAS.

“Our team of Software Engineers have spent significant time and energy putting all the pieces in place to allow us to continuously deliver new features and improvements to the RESAAS Platform” Rossiter adds. “Continuous Deployment is a respected engineering practice and the gold standard for releasing high quality software. This is a huge achievement by our Engineering department.”

RESAAS has crafted a highly sophisticated delivery pipeline that automates various types of testing, before shipping approved versions of the software through multiple environments to Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud hosting infrastructure. This allows each incremental change to RESAAS’s core software to be tracked and accounted for with every new release.

“This important engineering milestone also allows our team to spend less time working on manually releasing software, and more time building exceptional features to add to the RESAAS Platform.”