RESAAS Announces Addition of Chief Operating Officer

RESAAS Announces Addition of Chief Operating Officer

  • On November 24, 2011

RESAAS Services Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Michael St. Hilaire as its Chief Operating Officer effective November 21, 2011.

Prior to joining RESAAS, Michael was the VP of Platform Advertising for Adisn, a social network advertising platform that was acquired by Crowdgather. Michael also was the Founder and CEO of Fliva Inc, a social broadcast platform which was acquired by Adisn. Over the past several years, Michael has also worked as the Product Manager for HighRight Inc, an employment application solution, and also worked in Partner Integration with Oracle and Peoplesoft.

Michael has immense experience in Enterprise SAAS (Software as a Service) Services and holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.