Streamline & Simplify

BrokerOS makes life easier for Managing Brokers

BrokerOS is an online communication hub that ensures your agents open, read and respond to the emails and messages you send them.


Giving you peace of mind knowing your agents are seeing your most important messages.


Which can help fill up seats at your events, reduce your liability, improve your culture and keep your agents connected across multiple offices.


All the while providing an online space similar to a virtual bulletin board for your agents to share information and collaborate with each other.

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Virtual Bulletin Board


Think of BrokerOS like a virtual bulletin board that every agent and staff member across all of your offices can access. There is the primary bulletin board, and connected to it are smaller boards that are geared towards specific business topics.

Ensure agents open, read and respond to your messages


Email alone does not work in today’s world as well as it used to. Inboxes are overloaded and emails get lost in the shuffle.


BrokerOS prevents your agents from missing your correspondence, by pushing every one of your messages out via email, app notification and group message. While storing each message in a designated group so it’s easy for your agents to find later.

Private Groups

Create private communication groups for different business interests such as pre-market, exclusive and coming soon listings, buyer needs, leads, important announcements, FAQs, open houses, vendors, sales training materials or any topic you’d like.

Communicate from one simple tool

No more confusion over how to reach out to your agents, BrokerOS consolidates all of your communication in one place.

Automatically Store the Content Of Your Messages

Currently, every time you push out an email to your agents it’s not stored anywhere besides your email inbox. This can create a nightmare when you’re trying to find an email at a later date.

With BrokerOS, each email and message you push out to your agents is automatically stored in a designated group for easy retrieval later on by you and your agents.

Increase Event Attendance

Most brokerages send out invitations and information regarding sales meetings and company events, but have a hard time filling seats. BrokerOS helps to get those messages delivered so your agents attend your in-person events.

Reduce Liability

Some information you send your agents includes regulation changes and industry information that can hold your brokerage liable if your agents do not see it. BrokerOS helps to make sure your agents open and take action on these important messages.

Agents can view messages on their own time

If an agent is unable to view your message when they receive the notification, they can easily check the BrokerOS activity feed to see which groups have new updates. Saving them the time from scrolling through old emails.

Agents can choose how and when they’d like to be notified

Keeping your agents happy and engaged is of top priority. BrokerOS gives them the freedom to choose which groups they want to be notified about and how they want those notifications to come in.

BrokerOS will not disrupt your agents way of working

Some agents are resistant to change and technology. And with good reason, as what they are currently doing may be working for them. That’s why with BrokerOS, your agents still have the ability to receive communication through regular email.

Enhance agent to agent collaboration

Currently agents don’t have a place to share pre-market, exclusive and coming soon listings or buyer needs. However, with a BrokerOS group designated for these listings, this now creates a collaborative space for your agents to share and respond to these lucrative opportunities.

The more agents you have, the more powerful and lucrative your groups become.

Share and Store Documents

Store documents for your brokerage in a secure and searchable place so your agents can access them any time, while on-the-go.  

With BrokerOS, managing brokers’ lives get easier as they gain control of their internal communication while agents feel empowered with more freedom and flexibility. Everyone wins.

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