What is RESAAS? Watch these videos and you’ll discover where we came from, where we’re at, and where we’re going.

Take a look at RESAAS’ first YouTube ad campaign! It’s called “The Evolution of Real Estate”, and features such industry heavyweights as Nobu Hata, Christophe Choo, Ian MacLeod and Tina Mak telling us what the future of the real estate industry looks like.


Chris and Jimmy were in Paris at the RENT Conference, showcasing the latest European technology. Listen to them give a shoutout to RESAAS around the 13:00 minute mark!


Superstar real estate coach, Virginia Munden, issued a 90-day challenge while the RE/MAX European Convention this year, encouraging everyone to shift their mindset and evolve their business practice. And guess what – RESAAS was the first tool she mentioned!