San Francisco Association of REALTORS® and East Bay Regional Data to Share Pre-Market Listing Data Using RESAAS’ RealTimeMLS™ Solution

RESAAS Services Inc., announces the introduction of groundbreaking new functionality to change the way REALTORS® from different real estate associations access and communicate about listings before they appear on the MLS.

For the first time, the 7,500 members within the San Francisco Association of REALTORS® (SFAR) and East Bay Regional Data (EBRD), will have shared access to homes for sale that are not listed on any Multiple Listing Service. Pursuant to a reciprocal sharing agreement dated February 13, 2017, SFAR and EBRD members can promote upcoming MLS listings that are being readied for the market as well as private non-MLS listings on their own network. The agreement provides that SFAR and EBRD will grant each other the right to access certain pre-market content for an indefinite term so long as both organizations continue to use RESAAS’ RealTimeMLS™ solution. 

“This agreement to share pre-market listing data with our neighbors who use RealTimeMLS™ will ensure that we do not end up with many fractured markets,” said Walt Baczkowski, CEO at San Francisco Association of REALTORS®. “Agents in the greater San Francisco Bay area expect access to data without artificial barriers and this is an important step.”

“We were excited to bring RealTimeMLS™ to our subscribers in January allowing them to market coming soon listings,” said DaVina Lara, CEO at Oakland Berkley Association of REALTORS®. “The movement to embrace “coming soon” status has become a topic of conversation on a state level and with OBAR/EBRD being one of the first to welcome pre-market listings, RealTimeMLS™ is the perfect tool. We are excited to be working with our neighbors across the bay with our newly signed agreement.”

Many cities across the United States are experiencing increasing numbers of listings selling before they are listed on the MLS. Introduced in late 2015, RealTimeMLS™, RESAAS’ flagship solution for MLS and real estate associations, addresses this issue and puts quality data back into the hands of real estate agents and the MLS itself. In addition, RealTimeMLS™ provides a secure solution to pre-market listing issues such as limited exposure, and helps mitigate potential fair housing violations.

“The channels agents had access to previously were inefficient and unbalanced, allowing RESAAS’ technology to provide a solution that real estate associations are calling out for,” said Tom Rossiter, President at RESAAS. “Associations need to meet the needs of a changing marketplace and need to keep innovating. RealTimeMLS™ provides a more comprehensive view of regional housing inventory, including the ability to compare current for-sale properties against what will soon be available. We are proud to support the first two associations to take this step forward together, SFAR and EBRD, and provide the foundation for an agent-only, nationwide pre-market listing service.”