RESAAS Welcomes the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals® San Diego Chapter to The Real Estate Social Network™

RESAAS Services Inc., The Real Estate Social Network™, is pleased to welcome NAHREP® San Diego, a local chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals®, to the platform.

The NAHREP® San Diego Chapter provides community outreach, industry education and business networking events. NAHREP® San Diego is part of the larger National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals® who is comprised of 20,000 members, with 35 local chapters across the United States.

“NAHREP® San Diego is consistently looking for new ways to empower our members,” said Angela Avilez, President of the NAHREP® San Diego Chapter. “The opportunity to unite our members in an exclusive network while providing them with an exceptional tool in real estate technology will not only add value to existing-members but will also help to recruit new members to join our local chapter.”

With RESAAS, NAHREP® San Diego will provide its members with access to an exclusive members-only network. This will allow NAHREP® San Diego members to improve their communications with other members while increasing the knowledge-sharing and collaboration between members. In addition, each NAHREP® San Diego member will benefit from the public-facing social marketing efforts of the RESAAS platform while also having the ability to make valuable connections with the existing network of real estate professionals currently on RESAAS today.

“One of the initiatives of NAHREP® San Diego is to provide its growing membership with the latest in real estate technology,” said Nadia Suttle, Senior Account Executive at RESAAS. “The introduction of the RESAAS platform will allow for this initiative to be introduced.”