RESAAS to create private social network for VRMU Mortgage Industry Training

RESAAS Services Inc., a social network for real estate professionals, is pleased to announce that VRMU Mortgage Industry Training has selected  RESAAS to create a private group for their real estate professional students at upcoming events.

VRM University provides comprehensive training and certifications for real estate professionals nationwide. Their instructors are active practitioners that bring real world experience to the classroom. From developing successful marketing strategies to improving the quality of their BPO’s (Broker Price Opinion), VRMU provides training that will carry students and their businesses into the 21st century and beyond.

As a result of the agreement, RESAAS will create a private VRMU group that their students will be able to use to collaborate with each other during upcoming live events as a networking and collaboration tool.

“Our partnership with VRMU is an excellent opportunity for the team at RESAAS to work directly with an educational partner specializing in the asset management space,” said Michael St. Hilaire, CMO at RESAAS.