RESAAS Announces Opening of US Office in Newport Beach, CA

RESAAS Services Inc, an Enterprise Platform for Real Estate Professionals, Mortgage Specialists, Home Buyers and Sellers, is pleased to announce the opening of our United States office at 370 San Miguel Road in Newport Beach, California.

“This location is ideal for us. It’s very close to a number of important real estate communities and brokerages and gives us a central location to attract outstanding employees from all over the Southern California region. The office will be home to our sales, marketing, and customer service teams,” says Michael St. Hilaire, Chief Operating Officer at RESAAS.

Michael continues, “We are committed to providing RESAAS users with an outstanding customer service experience with our site. This new office space will allow us to fulfill that goal and give us the room we need to expand our US operations prior to the public launch of the RESAAS platform.”