Successful Launch of RealTimeMLS Solution with the San Francisco Association of REALTORS® and RESAAS

RESAAS Services Inc., a cloud-based social business platform for the real estate services industry, and the San Francisco Association of REALTORS® (SFAR), are pleased to announce its successful launch of RealTimeMLS on Friday, October 30th at the 2015 SFAR Member Appreciation Day. 

With more than 500 SFAR members in attendance, the RealTimeMLS solution was officially launched at the Member Appreciation Day this past Friday in San Francisco. RealTimeMLS is a revolutionary real-time listing share solution that was designed to give SFARMLS instant visibility into listings that are of pre-market status. This is the first ever solution to be created in partnership with a MLS, for which the MLS decided to take advantage of the RESAAS platform. 

“The SFAR Member Appreciation Day was the perfect launchpad for RealTimeMLS,” said Danielle Sissons, VP of Communications at RESAAS. “The members were truly excited to get access to this real-time listing solution and were keen to learn more. In addition, this concept will enhance overall member communication and will allow for more transparency within their MLS.” 

“SFAR leadership recognized that the current MLS systems were not meeting members needs or keeping pace with the way real estate was being marketed and sold,” said Walt Baczkowski, CEO of SFAR. “Through RealTimeMLS, we are providing a social media-type interface within SFARMLS for members to communicate with all participants as well as with specialized groups and offices.”