Learn how a partnership with RESAAS Marketplace can help your network of agents work more efficiently.


Real Estate life is hard. New agents struggle to establish the tools and processes necessary to kickstart their real estate business. Mid-level agents need to continuously find solutions to help build a dependable business. And experienced agents have difficulty elevating their brand to the next level.

It’s no surprise that Real Estate success is almost entirely reliant on the business mechanisms put in place. How will agents nurture and convert their leads? How will agents manage their real estate transactions? How will they track their expenses? How can we position our agents and organization to thrive?

Because when these business structures are properly put in place, agents can focus their time and energy on what really matters -  building relationships with their clients. Better relationships translates to more revenue.


The RESAAS Marketplace solves these problems.

The RESAAS Marketplace empowers agents by offering top real-estate related products, services and solutions at an exclusive, discounted price. We offer products and services that allow agents to:

  • Create their own flawless, lead-converting emails, organize their contact list and generate more leads and referrals directly from their network.

  • Build a stronger sales pipeline by securely signing, sending and managing documents.

  • Receive home financing capabilities complete with credit grade and maximum purchasing power on prospects.

  • Design elegant, feature sheet templates in less than 10 minutes.

  • Track mileage and and expenses to keep more commissions with tax deductions.

  • Make the simple switch to Solar energy and help make the future brighter for you, your clients and the planet.

  • And more!

The RESAAS Marketplace recruits, vets, and maintains close relationships with leading industry vendors, while you focus on empowering your network of agents with the tools necessary to succeed.


The RESAAS Marketplace Available for Your Association, Franchise, or MLS.

All of the products and services within the RESAAS Marketplace are available to your organization as a white-label solution. Simply place your organization’s brand on the RESAAS Marketplace and offer it to your network of agents without spending a single minute or dime on building your own marketplace.


Your path to success with the RESAAS Marketplace White-Label Solution

  1. Build a plan for empowering your agents

Work with the dedicated Partners team at RESAAS to help execute on agent adoption of leading real estate and tech solutions that resonate with today’s consumers.

    2. Close and win new business

Agents will get training and access to monthly webinars on important real estate topics. They’ll learn tips and best practices for winning sales and referral pursuits, becoming high-performing agents in no time.

3. Be the Real Estate Go-To Organization

Your organization will be known as a collaborative and advanced network as agents continuously learn new techniques from your organization. When charted against other organizations and networks, yours will stand out as one that provides the most up-to-date, progressive solutions.

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